Morton House

Morton House is designed for a couple with a passion for gardening and high culture on a site with spectacular views over Morton National Park.

The challenge here was to achieve a solar passive residence, oriented to southern views whilst having a calm and sun-filled sheltered Japanese garden to the north to enjoy the winter sun.

As a long-term house for these clients, extra care was given to consider all aspects of their life currently and into the future.

A Tatami room looking both South towards the extensive views and North to the secluded Japanese garden provides a calm centre separating the guest quarters from the rest of the house which can be closed off when not in use, reducing heating requirements when no guests are present.

A variety of outdoor areas offer flexibility for exposure or shelter from the elements, grand entertaining and quieter moments of reflection.

We also accounted for possible future subdivision of the site, all properties retaining their value with easy access, privacy and views.